There is no time like now to book your next fishing excursion withCapt. Dudley Vandenborre. As one of the most experienced coastal guides in the country, he logs an average of 260 days a year on the water. And nearly 12 months out of the year, “Deadly Dudley” puts clients on big trout.

Most coastal anglers in Louisiana think of peak periods (May through August) when they think of speckled trout. But Vandenborre said the rules change when fishing the concrete spans in eastern Lake Pontchartrain.

“The winter is actually one of the best times of the year to catch big trout,” he said. “In fact, as the weather gets colder the trout get bigger. We catch some of our biggest trout in January and February.”

“Around the end of September, after we get that little cool front through here, we start picking up our first really big fish,” said Vandenborre. “As it gets colder the numbers and sizes of the fish get bigger and reach a peak in January and February.”

In April and May look for another run on big trout. Then the fishing picks up fast with many more, but smaller (3- to 5-pound) trout.

“I think the fish are here year-round,” he said. “They don’t move that far. I think they move between the Seabrook Bridge area and the Trestles. I say that because when they’re not here in the summertime, we can catch them at Seabrook. And when we stop catching them at Seabrook, usually around the end of September, we start seeing them at the Trestles.”